Two Threat Assessment Resources

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Here are two  resources that we felt are worth highlighting, for those in the threat assessment field or who work with anyone in threat assessment: The first is an article in the 2011 issue of the URMIA Journal: “Campus Threat Assessment and Management Teams: What Risk Managers Need to Know Now.”  The article covers the emerging standard of care… Read more »

3 Tips for Making Your Threat Assessment Team More Effective

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 In the August 4, 2011 edition of Academic Impressions‘ Higher Ed Impact, Dr. Gene Deisinger outlines three tips for making higher education threat assessment teams more effective, even in the face of budget cuts.  According to the article, the three strategies he recommends are: “Define your team’s mission and purpose clearly. Do more with what you already have… Read more »

5 Pitfalls to Avoid in Threat Assessment

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As a follow up to the first article in Higher Ed Impact on tips to make your threat assessment team more effective, Dr. Gene Deisinger discusses five common pitfalls that can plague higher ed threat assessment teams – and ways to avoid them.  According to this second article in Higher Ed Impact, 5 common pitfalls to avoid are:  … Read more »

Final report released from DoD Science Board Task Force on final report on Predicting Violent Behavior

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Dorian Van Horn, a Sr. Consultant for SIGMA TMA, was asked to participate on the Department of Defense Science Board Task Force following the Ft. Hood shooting. Ms. Van Horn helped to co-author the final report. Their findings underscore the need for threat assessment within military levels. To read the full report click the following… Read more »

Successful Daylong Threat Assessment Summit

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IL Summit poster

More than 350 people attended a daylong Behavioral Threat Assessment Summit hosted by Heartland Communication College and organized by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System.

Preventing Rampage Shootings

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Dr. Marisa Randazzo was quoted in the USNews regarding preventing rampage shootings. Recent events have raised the questions again –  Could we have known? Should we have known? Dr. Randazzo was asked for her professional opinion to help us understand this very complex subject. The full article can be found at:

SIGMA’s Dr. Deisinger honored for Visionary Presentation

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deisinger book signing

Dr. Gene Deisinger, Co-Managing Partner of Sigma TMA, received the Chris Hatcher Award for Visionary Presentation during the 2013 Conference of the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology. Dr. Deisinger’s topic was “Best Practices for Threat Assessment and Management,” which outlined an integrated, operational, approach for threat assessment and management that has been utilized in a… Read more »

SIGMA at the White House, Contributed to New Federal Guidelines

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Deisinger White House.SMALL.2.27.2013

Vice President Biden announced new federal guidelines for school safety, college/university safety, and safety for houses of worship.  Several members of the SIGMA team – including Bill Modzeleski, Gene Deisinger, and Marisa Randazzo – were invited to the event at the White House where the guidelines were unveiled.  Modzeleski, Deisinger, and Randazzo had participated in… Read more »