SIGMA runs webinars that participants can join live or can access via a recording of the webinar after it has aired.  Below are free recordings of previously-aired webinars that can be accessed at any time.  These webinar recordings are designed to provide an introduction to a variety of topics in threat assessment, case management, and violence prevention.

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School Threat Assessment:
Fundamentals for K-12 Staff and Local Law Enforcement Personnel

This 90-minute recorded webinar covers the fundamentals of school threat assessment and case management, including steps to take for setting up and operating a school threat assessment team or district-wide threat assessment process.  This course is appropriate for school administrators, teachers,  school staff, counselors, local law enforcement officials, school  resources officers, mental health professionals who work in schools or  with school-age clients and district-level personnel.  This webinar is temporarily unavailable but we have provided a replacement video on school threat assessment in the link below.

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Campus Threat Assessment 101
This 90-minute recorded webinar provides a overview of best practices in campus threat assessment and steps for building an effective campus threat assessment process.  This course is appropriate for college and university administrators, faculty members, staff members, campus law enforcement / security professionals, mental health professionals, risk managers, and university counsel.

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Handling Threats and Potential Violence in the Workplace

This 90-minute recorded webinar provides managers, human resource professionals, EAP professionals, and corporate security personnel with tools and strategies to address threats, and manage hostile and other disturbing behavior in the workplace.  This course is appropriate for managers and staff, human resources professionals, employee assistance program personnel, corporate security professionals, mental health professionals, and others responsible for workplace violence prevention.  This webinar is temporarily unavailable but we have provided a replacement video on workplace violence prevention in the link below

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Threat Assessment & Protective Intelligence Investigations

This 90-minute recorded webinar provides training on how to conduct threat assessment and protective intelligence investigations, for threats or stalking of public officials, public figures, high profile individuals/families, and other identifiable targets.  This course is appropriate law enforcement professionals, executive protection professional, prosecutors, court personnel, and other security professionals.  This webinar is temporarily unavailable.

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High Functioning Teams:
Raising Your Threat Assessment Team to the Next Level
This 90-minute recorded webinar covers aspects of effective threat assessment teams, ways to determine your team’s current level of functioning, and strategies and tools that can raise your team to the next level.  This course is appropriate for any member of a threat assessment team (or other multi-disciplinary team), managers looking for ways to assist a team they oversee, team chairs looking for concrete ways to bring their team to the next level, and anyone interested in team dynamics and performance.  This webinar is temporarily unavailable.

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