Threat Assessment Glossary

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(excerpt from publication) The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) spearheaded this effort to establish a list of terms and phrases commonly used in the practice of threat assessment and management. The University of Nebraska Public Policy Center, with funding from the State of Nebraska, provided facilitation and research expertise to produce this document in… Read more »

The RAGEE Statement is Released

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  Jeff Pollard As clinical violence risk assessment continues to work its way into the list of possible services campus counseling centers are asked to provide, so have the numbers of assessment instruments being offered to assist the process. The following recent study is an attempt to begin standardization of the research on measuring the… Read more »

New Emergency Planning Guide for Health Care Facilities

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Gene Deisinger The Federal government has released its emergency planning guide for health care facilities. The document was developed with assistance from ASPR’s Divisions of Health System Policy and Tactical Programs,  the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council.  This document shows how… Read more »

Free Threat Assessment Training in Chicago

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The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) and Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS) are sponsoring a Behavioral Threat Assessment Summit with free day-long threat assessment training in the Chicago area on November 5, 2014. All courses are taught by national experts in threat assessment. Registration is open – click on the links below to register:… Read more »

Protective Intelligence Investigations: A Critical Tool for Threat Assessment Teams

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The contributors to this blog, Andy Patrick and Rich Wilson, are Senior Consultants with Sigma Threat Management Associates and will be presenting on the topic of Protective Intelligence Investigations at the ASIS International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on September 30, 2014   What happens when a CEO receives increasingly frequent and bizarre letters from someone… Read more »

FBI releases Jared Lee Loughner files

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By Rich Wilson The media framing of the file information may be misleading – research in this area speaks to multiple targets and diffusion during the planning stages. It could well be that there were other attacks/targets/weapons of choice in the mix but this is the one he chose to mount. Especially given the final… Read more »

Round Table on Campus Sexual Assault

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  By Rich Wilson Below is a link to a recent round table discussion on campus sexual assault.  The discussion was held by Sen. Claire McCaskill, who offers interesting insights from her perspective as a former prosecutor.  The round table offered a well-informed discussion of legislation being considered to clarify, define, and help streamline Campus… Read more »

Background Checks are Insufficient Security

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 The Pentagon has released it’s review of the Navy Yard shooting carried out by Aaron Alexis. They identified several opportunities for intervention with Alexis as well as gaps in their overall system. Threat assessment teams or threat management units are the best process for identifying and managing insider threats and other threatening behavior not identified… Read more »

Two Upcoming Conferences – Reintegrating Employees into the Workplace and Emerging Trends in School Safety

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Presenter:     Jeff Nolan and Rich Wilson Date:              April, 10, 2014 Location:       Atlanta, GA Conference:  BLR Safety Summit – Best Practices and OSHA Compliance in 2014 Topic:            Threat Assessment and Reintegrating “Scary” Employees into the Workplace –        … Read more »

SIGMA Managing Partner appointed to Jed Foundation Advisory Board

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SIGMA Managing Partner, Dr. Gene Deisinger, was recently appointed to the Advisory Board for the Jed Foundation. The Jed Foundation is a leader in supporting and enhancing the emotional health of college students across the country.  Dr. Deisinger has collaborated with the Foundation on several projects including “Balancing Safety and Support on Campus: A Guide for Campus Teams” ( For… Read more »