PODCAST EPISODE: Handling Threats in the Digital Age

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Dr. Marisa Randazzo joins SA Voices from the Field, a podcast from the association of Student Affairs administrators in higher education, to discuss handling threats during remote and hybrid operations and answers the question “how did you get into the field of threat assessment in the first place?”  CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast… Read more »

NEW VIDEO: Understanding the Pathway to Violence

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A core concept in the field of threat assessment & threat management is the notion of the “pathway to violence.”  It is a trajectory of behavior – shown through empirical research – that typically precedes school shootings, assassination, workplace violence, stalking, and other types of targeted attacks.  Understanding what the “pathway to violence” is, and… Read more »

How Capitol Riots Have Changed Security

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SIGMA’s Dr. Marisa Randazzo joined Fred Burton, security expert and Director of the Center for Protective Intelligence at Ontic, to discuss threat assessment and protective intelligence in the wake of the riots at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.  Listen to the podcast episode HERE.

SIGMA Training Now Available Online

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to federal, state, and local social-distancing guidelines, we have modified SIGMA’s threat assessment training and are now offering these classes online in live training sessions.  Our threat assessment training classes continue to be interactive, with tabletop exercises and Q&A with instructors throughout the class. To help offset current… Read more »

SIGMA CEO Randazzo interviewed about White House proposal to monitor the mentally ill

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An article in the Washington Post included an interview with SIGMA’s CEO, Dr. Marisa Randazzo, regarding a longstanding proposal to create a DARPA-type agency to find new, cutting-edge solutions to health-related problems and a proposal from the Trump Administration to use such an agency to find ways to use technology (e.g.through iWatches, FitBits) monitor people… Read more »

Modzeleski Provides Expert Testimony to Kentucky Legislature

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SIGMA school safety expert Bill Modzeleski, formerly Deputy Assistant Under Secretary with the US Department of Education, testified before the Kentucky legislature in a special joint meeting of the House Education Committee and Senate Education Committee. Asked whether he thought arming teachers would enhance school safety, Modzeleski drew upon research findings as well as direct… Read more »