NEW VIDEO: Understanding the Pathway to Violence

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A core concept in the field of threat assessment & threat management is the notion of the “pathway to violence.”  It is a trajectory of behavior – shown through empirical research – that typically precedes school shootings, assassination, workplace violence, stalking, and other types of targeted attacks.  Understanding what the “pathway to violence” is, and… Read more »

How Capitol Riots Have Changed Security

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SIGMA’s Dr. Marisa Randazzo joined Fred Burton, security expert and Director of the Center for Protective Intelligence at Ontic, to discuss threat assessment and protective intelligence in the wake of the riots at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.  Listen to the podcast episode HERE.

Five Facts You Should Know about Dating/Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Threat Assessment

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by Marisa R. Randazzo, Ph.D. & Jeffrey J. Nolan Whether you work in higher education, workplace safety, school safety, or threat assessment more generally, there are five core facts you should know about stalking, dating violence, and domestic violence in order to maintain safety in investigations where such behavior is suspected or known.  We identified… Read more »

Rethinking Workplace & Campus Security

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Dr. Gene Deisinger was a subject-matter expert on preventing workplace violence and campus violence in a recent RANE Network expert panel.  Click here for the recap of the teleconference:

Title IX, VAWA, & Campus Threat Assessment Training

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SIGMA is proud to collaborate with leading insurer United Educators and law firm Dinse Knapp & McAndrew to provide critical training for higher ed institutions on Title IX, VAWA, and campus threat assessment. Training details are here: This two-day training will be held in Baltimore (June 18-19), Boston (July 28-29), Chicago (October 8-9) and… Read more »

Threat Assessment Glossary

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(excerpt from publication) The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) spearheaded this effort to establish a list of terms and phrases commonly used in the practice of threat assessment and management. The University of Nebraska Public Policy Center, with funding from the State of Nebraska, provided facilitation and research expertise to produce this document in… Read more »

Protective Intelligence Investigations: A Critical Tool for Threat Assessment Teams

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The contributors to this blog, Andy Patrick and Rich Wilson, are Senior Consultants with Sigma Threat Management Associates and will be presenting on the topic of Protective Intelligence Investigations at the ASIS International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on September 30, 2014   What happens when a CEO receives increasingly frequent and bizarre letters from someone… Read more »

Q&A: “What is the Role of a Forensic Psychologist or Psychiatrist in the Threat Assessment Process?”

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by Gene Deisinger, Ph.D. Q: What is the role of a forensic psychologist/psychiatrist — as an independent examiner — in supplementing an effective threat assessment / management process? A: There is some confusion about the role and purpose (and limitations) of a forensic psychologist/psychiatrist as an independent examiner in conducting “Direct Threat” and/or Fitness for Duty evaluations. … Read more »