Case Consultation
We help school threat assessment teams and local law enforcement investigate, evaluate, and manage individual threat cases.  Our consulting services are tailored to the school’s particular needs and can include identifying sources of information, helping interview persons of concern and others, assessing the threat, developing risk reduction plans, and identifying key resources for ongoing case management.

Team Coaching / Subject Matter Expertise
We coach threat assessment teams by participating in team meetings or serving as a subject matter expert or resource.  Schools have used this option to help with complex cases or when their team is first getting started.

After-Action Review
We review investigations already conducted by threat assessment teams or threat managers to identify additional areas of investigation and/or suggest options for case management and intervention strategies.

New Team Development & Support
We help schools and districts to create and launch new threat assessment teams. Team development services can include a needs assessment of existing assets and resources, recommendations on team membership, sample case procedures, sample policy language, case documentation forms, and legal consultation.

Strategic Assessments for Existing Teams
We help schools enhance team and program functioning by evaluating the work of existing threat assessment teams.  Our analyses includes observations of current team functioning, comparisons with current best practices, and recommendations for enhancing the school’s overall threat assessment capacity.