Individual Case Consultation

We help law enforcement professionals and other professionals to investigate, evaluate, and manage individual threat cases.  Our case consultation services are tailored to the agency’s particular needs and can include identifying sources of information, interviewing persons of concern and others, evaluating information gathered, developing and implementing case management plans, addressing systemic problems, and identifying key resources necessary for case management or intervention.


Case Outsourcing

We provide executive protection details and other security firms with outsourcing options for some or all of their threat assessment case activities, including case investigation, evaluation, management, and documentation.  Case outsourcing can be used for all or a portion of an agency’s caseload.


Active Case Review / Coaching

When requested, we can review active investigations (and those already conducted) and work with investigators at various points in the evolution of a case, to recommend additional areas of investigation and/or suggest options for case management and intervention strategies.

Team Development & Support

We help law enforcement and security entities to stand up and operate threat assessment teams or threat management units.  Team development services include a needs assessment of an entity’s existing assets and resources for successful deployment, as well as recommendations on unit staffing, organizational placement, case documentation options, information-sharing strategies, and sample case procedures and protocols.  New team development services include one day of basic threat assessment training.