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SIGMA is proud to collaborate with leading insurer United Educators and law firm Dinse Knapp & McAndrew to provide critical training for higher ed institutions on Title IX, VAWA, and campus threat assessment. Training details are here:

This two-day training will be held in Baltimore (June 18-19), Boston (July 28-29), Chicago (October 8-9) and Atlanta (November 3-4).  If you sign up now, you can receive a 10% discount. Just insert Discount Code SIGMA10 at registration.

Why This Training Is Critical

To do their jobs effectively, Title IX coordinators and others involved in handling sexual and intimate partner violence should work closely with threat assessment team members. Institutions are required by VAWA to offer prevention and awareness programs to students and employees; more awareness is likely to result in more reports.  Unfortunately, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking in particular can lead to further and even more extreme physical violence.  Therefore, institutions must recognize that in addition to responding appropriately to past misconduct through the disciplinary process, they may also have to conduct a threat assessment to determine current and future risk of harm.  To do this effectively and promote safety, each function must rely on the capacities and understand the responsibilities of the others to provide an integrated, coordinated approach. For this reason, we encourage attendance by institutional representatives who are responsible for any part of Title IX or VAWA compliance or who are involved in conducting threat assessments or behavioral interventions.

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