From thousands of cases we have investigated, and behavioral research we have conducted, we know that it is possible to prevent incidents of workplace violence, manage employee fear, and enhance overall feelings of safety – and that the best way to do so is through threat management processes.   Threat management affords us the opportunity to prevent harm, connect people with needed resources, reduce fear, correct troubling behavior, and help make people feel safer.

We help businesses, agencies, and organizations to create and operate threat management teams. We provide guidance on necessary workplace policies and on identifying and accessing threat management resources.   We provide training to, and enhance the skills of, threat management teams through practical tabletop experiences, process coaching, and direct case guidance from SIGMA’s highly experienced and diverse team of threat management experts.  Our approach to training and consultation has been cited as a model program for threat assessment and management services, and recommended as a critical resource in the ANSI-approved risk analysis standard.

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