Individual Case Consultation

We help threat assessment teams and other professionals to investigate, evaluate, and manage individual threat cases.  Our case consultation services are tailored to the client’s particular needs and can include identifying sources of information, interviewing persons of concern and others, evaluating information gathered, developing and implementing case management plans, addressing systemic problems, and identifying key resources necessary for case management or intervention.


Team Coaching / Subject Matter Expertise

For some businesses and organizations, we participate in their threat assessment team meetings (by phone or in person) to coach the team through particular cases or to provide certain subject matter expertise for that meeting or case.  We serve to check the team’s work, suggest any additional areas of investigation or intervention necessary to meet national standard guidelines, and facilitate liaison with other entities (e.g. federal, state, or local law enforcement; mental health crisis units; threat assessment legal expertise) when needed.  Businesses and organizations have used this option to help existing teams with complex cases and help new teams increase confidence in their procedures and decision making.


New Teams:  Program Development & Team Support

We help workplaces to establish threat assessment and violence prevention programs that are consistent with current best practices and national standard guidance.  This includes helping businesses and organizations to develop and train new threat assessment teams, establish the authority and capacity to conduct threat assessment investigations, develop key threat management resources, and help promote awareness about the program as a workplace safety resource.  Program development & team support services include a needs assessment of an institution’s existing assets and resources; recommendations on team membership, organizational placement, and leadership; case documentation options; information-sharing strategies; sample case procedures and protocols; sample policies or suggested policy revisions; and, basic training in workplace threat assessment and violence prevention.


Existing Teams:  Strategic Assessment & Enhancement

We evaluate the current functioning and case work of an existing threat assessment team.  In conducting the audit we interview threat assessment team members and key stakeholders, observe team meetings, review cases assessed and managed, and collect other relevant information.  Our analysis includes an overview of current team functioning, comparisons with current best practices, and recommendations for enhancing the organization’s and team’s overall threat assessment and management capacity and process.


Case Outsourcing

We provide businesses, organizations, and executive protection details with outsourcing options for some or all of their threat assessment case activities, including case investigation, evaluation, management, and documentation.  Case outsourcing can be used for all or a portion of an organization’s caseload.


After-Action Reviews

We review investigations already conducted by threat assessment teams or threat managers to identify additional areas of investigation and/or suggest options for case management and intervention strategies.


Policy Review

We help businesses and organizations to enhance their ability to gather and share information about a person who has raised some concern, through reviews of existing policies and procedures that govern the organization or institution’s ability to investigate threats and intervene to reduce risk.